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What Does Vitamin C Do? A Lot More Than You Think!

What Does Vitamin C Do? A Lot More Than You Think!

Vitamin C doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Yes, it’s best known as an awesome immunity booster but you don’t need orange juice to get it. And vitamin C isn’t even just for shortening the duration of colds. If you’ve ever wondered, ‘what does vitamin C do exactly,’ we’ve got your back. The list of vitamin C benefits can seem endless, but these are a few of our favs.

You’ll Feel Happier 

Please don’t be an emotional eater. Before comfort food rears its ugly head on a bad day, consider reaching for some vitamin C instead. Vitamin C can affect your mood because it’s involved in the production of neurotransmitters. Geek speak translation: neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that communicate information throughout your body. It may not be as comforting as soft and chewy cookies, but it’s obvious that vitamin C is the healthier choice.

A Little More Lovin’

If oysters, chocolate, or any of the other so-called aphrodisiacs just aren’t doing it for you, consider turning to vitamin C. It’s been proven that when high doses of vitamin C are time released, you can experience an increased libido.

Flawless Skin That’ll Make Your Friends Jealous

There are plenty of studies out there proving all of the good vitamin C can do for your skin. Among perks like a decreased amount of wrinkles, vitamin C can limit the amount of damage caused by the sun’s UV rays. That’s no excuse to hit the beach without sunscreen, but the good news is that you can do something about what’s already happened.

Moms-To-Be Can Rest A Little Easier

Waddling around at 39 weeks pregnant is definitely no girl’s idea of a good time, but we also know how important it is to carry a baby to term. Although studies are a little conflicting, some suggest that taking vitamin C in combination with vitamin E can help prevent preeclampsia in high-risk women. And in just case preggers lingo isn’t your thing right now, preeclampsia is a common cause of premature births.

Bye-Bye Blood Sugar Crashes

Vitamin C to the rescue! Everyone knows how much a blood sugar crash stinks, but nobody knows the importance behind regulating sugar levels more than diabetics. The good news is that high doses of vitamin C can help with that. (We’ll spare you the full science lesson on insulin, glucose, hemoglobin, and blood cells though.)

Score The Perfect Mani

Nothing screams mani more than nice, long, unpolished nails. Vitamin C won’t make choosing a nail color any easier, but it will make your fingertips easy on the eyes. Maintain a diet rich in vitamin C and you can expect to see things like stronger nails that actually grow at a decent speed and a decreased number of hangnails. The only issue now is choosing between a gel or regular manicure.

Your Gut With Thank You

Not to get all up there in your personal business, but vitamin C can promote good digestion and help with proper disposal of waste products. That’s because it protects you from gross chemicals that can form as a byproduct of digestion. The bathroom isn’t exactly a cool hangout spot anyway.

Breathe Better

If you’ve got asthma, you’ll love this one. You won’t be able to toss your inhaler just yet, but you can plan on leaving it tucked away in that cute new handbag more often than not. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and antihistamine, which means it can improve the function of your airways and lungs. And any asthmatic knows the value in that. Just make sure your daily intake is at least 1,000 milligrams in order to enjoy this benefit, and always talk to your doctor.

You May Be Able To Say Sayonara To Strokes 

Even if you’re too young to be seriously thinking about strokes, listen up. One study showed that people with high concentrations of vitamin C in their bloodstream were associated with a lower stroke risk. Forty-two percent lower to be exact, so the numbers are quite staggering.

How To Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Vitamin C

Thanks to the many foods that are rich in vitamin C, getting your hands on it is pretty easy (lucky you!) The hard part is making sure you’re getting enough to take advantage of all these cool vitamin C benefits. That’s one reason why vitamin C supplements are so hot. Just make sure you’ve got a good one on your kitchen counter. Call us biased, but this one really rocks.

Still wondering, what is vitamin C good for? Check this out for even more. 

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