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Liposomal B-12 can only be your energy shoot

Liposomal B-12 can only be your energy shoot

40% of Americans may have lower B-12 levels—Do you belong to them?

Have you been feeling tired, stressed, and moody lately? Are you dazzling your eyes during the afternoon energy recession, ready to buy double espresso and energy drinks? Skip the training program and hit the snooze alarm in the morning? You are not alone. In fact, general fatigue is the most common complaint GPs hear from patients, and women report more men than men.

While "garden varieties" have many causes of fatigue, one reason may be insufficient vitamin B levels. B vitamins - thiamine (B-1), riboflavin (B-2), niacin (B-3), pantothenic acid (B-5), pyridoxine (B-6), B-12, Biotin and folic acid (B-9 ) - directly involved in energy production. Especially essential is Vitamin B-12, a water-soluble vitamin that can help our body make DNA for new cells, is essential for building healthy red blood cells, and converting our food into energy. Dr. Roxanne Sukol, medical director of the Cleveland Clinic's Health Division, told Time Magazine in 2016, "Vitamin B is essential for normal cellular respiration." She explained to Time Magazine that the lack of B-12 affects everything from energy, emotion to attention.

Studies have shown that about 15% to 40% of Americans borders on vitamin B12. In a famous study conducted in 2000, 3,000 men and women between the ages of 26 and 83 were assessed, and 39% of the B-12 were in the "normal low" range - less than 257 per liter of picole. 

The study's lead author, Katherine Tucker, a dietary epidemiologist at Tufts University in Boston, told the United States Department of Agriculture that some people have neurological symptoms within this range. She said the United States Department of Agriculture that "the lack of clinical thresholds should be an issue." The study also found that a surprising 9% of people went completely missing. She explained to the United States Department of Agriculture, "I think there are still many undiscovered vitamin B12 deficiencies." Low levels of B12 can have a variety of causes, from vegetarian to digestive problems, excessive drinking, or regular antacids. As stomach acid production decreases with age, it is even recommended that all Americans over the age of 50 supplements 25 to 100 mcg of B-12 daily.

Your liver can convert B-12 into an active methylated form called methyl B-12 or methyl cobalamin, which promotes brain and nerve health. Methyl cobalamin also can block the naturally occurring amino acid homocysteine, so it is well known. Homocysteine levels are associated with cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer's disease. Some individuals have genetic mutations that inhibit their ability to transform vitamin B12-methylcobalamin, but these mutations have not been reported in commercial tests and require specialized genetic testing.


Why Are B-12 Shots So Popular?


Today, from general practitioners and doctors to medical spas, everyone offers B-12 injections for those who want to improve their metabolism and increase energy levels. According to Variety, this is a 'winning shot,' from former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to celebrities like Charlize Theron, everyone injects B-12. A doctor told Variety that she saw 30 patients every week, and they only shot at B-12. The standard dose contains 1,000 mg of B-12, which is more than 400 times the recommended daily intake.


But is it necessary to shoot? While injections can be injected forcefully by bypassing digestion and low stomach acid, they can be painful and expensive and are not always covered by health insurance. A study found that the average cost of vitamin B12 injection per person per year is $ 145.88, rising to $ 25 million in five years. In some offices, the price of a single withdrawal is around $ 80.


The best solution for liposome B-12-?


The biologically active, bioavailable liposome spray formula of methyl B-12 can provide fast absorption and high absorption, as small liposome vesicles are absorbed orally, bypassing digestive problems, converting stomach acid and B-12 into Reduction of its active form. Liposomal formulations can have the same immediate effect as an injection.


The effectiveness of liposome preparations has been confirmed in a series of cells called Caco2, which initially came from the human gut wall and is the gold standard for studying the ability of molecules to cross the gut wall. The data from Caco2 cells have a reasonable correlation with human data and can absorb many different particles. In a study of Caco2 cells, the smaller liposomes showed significantly higher uptake after 15 minutes and even higher uptake after one hour. 


Scientists say that liposomes are stained with bright orange-red dyes to observe their flow patterns, and the smallest liposomes (50 and 64 nanometers) show "a significant increase in intake." Without liposomes, however, there is almost no uptake. Another study confirmed that the size of liposomes is crucial: giant liposomes with a diameter greater than 105 nanometers cannot penetrate deeper layers of skin, while smaller liposomes show improved penetration, allowing them to penetrate deeper layers of skin quickly without breaking. These findings indicate that nanoscale liposomes with a well-controlled size and minimal change in volume are excellent vehicles for transdermal delivery of functional nanoparticles. 

Final Thought 

Studies with B12 liposomes have shown faster absorption and higher plasma levels. The latest cell culture study performed by Quicksilver Scientific ™, modeled on the Caco2 research described above, focused on the oral uptake and uptake of liposome methyl B-12. The conventional methyl B-12 was compared with liposome methyl B-12 and liposome methyl B-12, and the surface of the liposome was specifically enhanced and modified.  

Compared to the other two formulations, the 53-nm surface-modified micro liposomes showed an almost threefold increase in methyl B12 uptake and blood levels. In general, liposome molecules can attach themselves well to cell membranes and increase lymphatic absorption. They have successfully improved the oral bioavailability of many compounds. Therefore, the next time you need to increase energy, you think the spray is not liposome B-12.

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