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Incredible (and Shocking) Glutathione Benefits That Will Rock Your World!

Incredible (and Shocking) Glutathione Benefits That Will Rock Your World!

It’s possible you’ve never heard of glutathione despite its killer list of good-for-you perks. Maybe that’s just because the word is really hard to say (pronounced gloo-tuh-thahy-ohn, by the way) or because it’s skipped over sometimes all together. But the reality is that it’s a serious, not-to-be-missed powerhouse with benefits anyone can appreciate. We like to think of it as the queen bee of antioxidants but you may also hear it referred to as the ‘mother of all antioxidants.’ Check out these top glutathione benefits to learn why you should care about it.

When 40 Is The New 30

Glutathione has incredible anti-aging properties. As we get older, the glutathione our body produces naturally decreases. So you definitely want to make sure you’re getting enough to take advantage of these incredible anti-aging benefits. And just think of all the extra storage space you’ll have in the bathroom after you ditch the fancy face creams and serums.

Strong Is The New Skinny

Don’t assume this one is important only if you’re an avid gym-goer. Strength and endurance will help you do everything from carrying heavy grocery bags with ease to keeping up with your kids (and their excessive bouts of energy!) Research has demonstrated that increased glutathione levels can result in decreased muscle damage and increased strength and endurance. Plus it can shift your metabolism from fat production (yuck!) to muscle development. Bet that last part made you perk up.

Kicks Toxins To The Curb

Glutathione is a natural detoxifier of all kinds of bad things like toxins and chemicals. It can also help prevent oxidative stress and trap free radicals that may otherwise cause DNA damage. By the way, if you’re wondering how all those chemicals got there in the first place, you can blame processed foods as one source. Like you really needed another reason to cut back on junk food though.

Camera-Ready Skin

Just in case its anti-aging effects weren’t enough, the benefits of glutathione for your skin keep on going. It helps minimize the souvenirs from adolescence (read: acne scars), brightens your complexion, and minimizes dark spots. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be nixing your foundation soon. Or switching from medium to light coverage. Every girl knows the confidence that comes with clear, beautiful skin is priceless.   

Revitalization Like You’ve Never Experienced

If regular massages are getting too pricey, you’re in luck. One of the top benefits of glutathione includes stress reduction, so those overwhelming work days may start feeling a little easier (even if they’re not) if you’re getting enough. Plus you’ll be able to relax and unwind at home with a glass of vino that much faster.

3 Awesome Ways To Ensure You’re Getting Enough Glutathione

Dying to get your hands on some glutathione now? It’s easier than you may think. Just follow these strategies and you’ll be a-okay.

Breakout Your Workout Gear

This can be your excuse for buying those cute capri leggings and tank you’ve had your eye on. One study suggests that exercise can increase your glutathione levels. It was found that a combination program of weight training and cardio was the most effective, so head on over to the free weights at the gym after hitting the elliptical. You’d be surprised how much you can do with some kettlebells or dumbbells.

Give Your Fridge A Makeover

If maintaining a healthy diet isn’t on your to-do list, now’s the time to add it. The good news is that many foods contain glutathione naturally. Fruits and vegetables like broccoli, squash, peppers, apples, and peaches are just a few to make the list. It’s also found in eggs and dairy products. So stick to the perimeter of the supermarket the next time you go shopping. You’ll avoid all of the processed junk that way too.

Drink Up

Glutathione is also available in supplement form. If you decide to go this route, look for liposomal glutathione because it’s in its most potent form that way. You can mix it with water (hello hydration!) or put it in a smoothie. Plus, there’s nothing to think about because you’ve got a bottle of the good stuff just waiting for you to drink up.

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