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How Much Vitamin D Should I Take Daily?

How Much Vitamin D Should I Take Daily?

Liposomal vitamin D3 is one of the essential and incredibly essential vitamins nowadays. Vitamin D3 is cholecalciferol and originates from animal-based sources. It is highly recommended that adults should obtain at least the RDA of 600 IU. Although 1,000 to 2,000 IU daily consumption of vitamin D from a supplement is typically safe, it will help people get an appropriate blood level of vitamin D and have plenty of other health benefits.

What Causes Low Vitamin D?

Below are the reasons for vitamin D deficiency;

  1. Inadequate Consumption of Vitamin D

It is mainly when you are on a strict vegetarian diet because most of the natural sources of vitamin D are animal-based, such as fatty fish and fish oils, egg yolks, and beef liver.

  1. Limited Sunlight Exposure

Your body makes vitamin D when exposing to sunlight, so, you may be at risk of deficiency if you are from northern latitudes, or have an occupation that stops sun exposure.

  1. Have Dark Skin

The pigment melanin decreases the skin's ability to produce vitamin D from sunlight exposure. Certain studies indicate that older adults having darker skin are at higher risk of vitamin D deficiency.

What Does Vitamin D Do

  • Vitamin D helps maintain the amount of phosphate and calcium in your body. These nutrients are required to keep bones and muscles fit and healthy.
  • A deficiency of vitamin D may cause bone deformities like rickets in kids, and bone pain due to osteomalacia in adults.
  • Increasing your vitamin D levels may aid with symptoms and uplift your mood.
  • It plays a significant part in improving your healthy immune system.
  • The best vitamin D supplementmay reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke.

What Does Vitamin D Do for Your Body

Vitamin D is highly beneficial to absorb calcium and improve bone growth. Vitamin D deficiency leads to soft bones in kids (rickets) and fragile or delicate bones in adults (osteomalacia). You also require this vitamin for other essential body functions.

Its deficiency is linked to breast cancer, certain cancers (colon), prostate cancer, heart disorder, depression, obesity, and other health conditions. People with appropriate levels of vitamin D have a reduced risk of any health disorder.

Vitamin D helps maintain your natural defense system and the neuromuscular system. Vitamin D also plays an incredibly remarkable role in the life cycle of human cells.

What Does Vitamin D Do For Babies

Babies require vitamin D for proper or healthy growth and development. It helps them build strong, fit or healthy teeth and bones. Babies who don't obtain adequate levels of vitamin D are under the threat of deficiency. Its inadequate consumption may increase the risk of getting rickets, which influences the way bones to grow and develop.

Babies need this essential vitamin to absorb calcium and phosphorus. Improper vitamin D intake may cause rickets, a softening, as I mentioned above. Vitamin D is also helpful in boosting the immunity of babies.

Remember that sun exposure is a significant vitamin D source, but doctors don't recommend it for babies. Therefore, supplements are an ideal way to prevent vitamin D deficiency.

Why Children Have Vitamin D Deficiency

Below are the reasons why children have a deficiency of vitamin D;

  • The dark color of children's skin (melanin) functions as a natural sunscreen and enhances the time they require in the sun to make vitamin D naturally.
  • Those Kids whose skin may not regularly expose to the sun.
  • Breast milk is a nutritious food for babies, but it does not comprise enough vitamin D. 
  • A baby will obtain their first store of it from their mother; therefore, they are at great risk of this vitamin deficiency if their mother has an inadequate level of vitamin D and has dark skin.
  • Children with conditions like liver damage, kidney disorder, problems in absorbing food, and coeliac disease also affect how your body absorbs and maintains vitamin D.

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