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Coronavirus: Is High-Dose Vitamin C the Answer? The Answer is shocking!

Coronavirus: Is High-Dose Vitamin C the Answer? The Answer is shocking!

Fact: First lab confirmed case was in the state of Illinois

In U.S. news, one of the first laboratory-confirmed cases of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the states was an Illinois woman who had recently traveled to Wuhan, China. Later, her husband would also be diagnosed with what is now officially named COVID-19 by the World Health Organization.1

Presently, there is a lack of effective targeted antiviral drugs for the virus, and symptomatic supportive treatment is still the current main treatment.

A lack of vitamin C has been long known to increase susceptibility to viruses, and a few studies have shown that vitamin C deficiency is related to the increased risk and severity of influenza infections.

Fact: Intravenous Vitamin C was deemed helpful in Wuhan.

Viral infections like COVID-19 are difficult to treat. Unless and until a targeted anti-viral drug or vaccine is developed, symptomatic support is what is given to patients to ease suffering and prolong life -- until their own body hopefully defeats the coronavirus.

While most coronavirus infections are mild or even lack symptoms, to vulnerable patients they can be devastating. The virus can infect various organs, including the brain, lungs and nervous system, which leads to a cascading response of damaging inflammation. Patients can die from respiratory failure or septic shock, ironically caused by an over-reaction of their own immune system battling the virus.

One adjunctive therapy that emerged from the desperation to save patients in Wuhan, China is intravenous ascorbic acid. Yes, that is Vitamin C. A placebo-controlled study has begun in Wuhan to determine if Vitamin C infusions are helpful in treating 140 patients with coronavirus pneumonia. A similar clinical study is underway in Italy.

Fact: New York Hospitals Are Using Vitamin C to Treat Some Coronavirus Patients

source: Newsweek

Large doses of vitamin C are being administered to patients in intensive care at certain hospitals in New York, Newsweek has confirmed with a spokesperson for Northwell Health.

They confirmed reports that patients testing positive with COVID-19 were in some cases being treated with large doses of vitamin C—among other drugs—at their clinics.

The antioxidant is being administered intravenously in quantities far exceeding the daily recommended dose, which is 90 milligrams for men and 75 milligrams for women as recommended by the National Institutes of Health.


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