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7 Warning Signs You May Have A Vitamin C Deficiency

7 Warning Signs You May Have A Vitamin C Deficiency

Even though most people know what vitamin C is, many are unaware there are consequences if you’ve got a vitamin C deficiency. When you’re getting enough, there are tons of benefits (like these), but when there’s a shortage it can get bad. Bad enough that a deficiency scored its own fancy name: scurvy. Sounds like it may be a fun word to say, but definitely not something you want to experience.

How a vitamin C deficiency can affect your beauty regimen

Between pricey hair care products, visits to the salon, expensive face creams, and more, the last thing you want is to unknowingly counteract that because your body isn’t getting enough vitamin C.

Oranges used to be the go-to for vitamin C, but you can easily do better. Vitamin C is in all sorts of fruits and veggies, many of which blow oranges away because their vitamin C concentration is much, much higher. So between that and supplements, you should have no problem getting your daily dose. But just in case you need a little push to do it, here’s a reminder of what may happen if you have a vitamin C deficiency.

Brittle Hair

If the sound of crunchy hair is something you hear often, listen to your locks: more vitamin C please! Sadly, if you’re facing a vitamin C deficiency, your gorgeous mane may be a thing of the past. Brittle hair isn’t exactly something you can hide like some grays.**Shudder.**

Bad Teeth

Are your pearly whites not looking so pearly? Bleeding gums and gingivitis are symptoms of a vitamin C deficiency. That’s one way your body is telling you it needs collagen to build, maintain, and repair the yucky deteriorating tissue in your mouth. If it gets bad enough, it can even cause you to lose teeth. Only this time the tooth fairy won’t be bringing you money, you’ll be shelling it out at the dentist.

Dry Skin

It’s no coincidence that so many moisturizers and lip balms toot vitamin C among its list of ingredients. Vitamin C goes hand-in-hand with hydrated skin, and is vital for collagen production. So if dryness is something you’re experiencing, it could be a red flag that you’ve got a vitamin C deficiency.

How a vitamin C deficiency can affect your overall health

All sorts of icky things can affect you mentally and physically if you don’t get enough vitamin C. These are just a few of them.


Exhaustion is nothing new. Between running a household, parenting, working, and a social life,  it’s totally understandable. But when you’re spending too much time counting sheep for seemingly no good reason, it may be that a lack of vitamin C may be to blame for your lackluster slumber.


Got an ugly black-and-blue mark on your leg that’s preventing you from wearing your favorite dress? Bruises can be the worst accessory ever. Whether you’re getting them often or they take forever to heal, a vitamin C deficiency can be to blame. Your blood vessels are better at holding up against everyday bumps and bangs when your diet is chock-full of vitamin C.


Unfortunately that inexplicable rush of blood from your nose isn’t exclusive to childhood. Nosebleeds, like bruising, can be the result weakened blood vessels due to a vitamin C deficiency. The blood vessels in your schnoz are super fragile and rupture easily, so a nosebleed can happen from something like firmly blowing your nose.

Poor Joint Health

Calcium may be known as the must-have mineral for building strong bones, but strong bones will get you nowhere if your joints aren’t moving well. A vitamin C deficiency may result in joint disease because collagen and cartilage synthesis are inhibited. Arthritis can happen to anyone. You’re never too young for it.

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