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6 Secret Curcumin Benefits That Could Change Your Life

6 Secret Curcumin Benefits That Could Change Your Life

Cur-cu-what??? Don’t sweat it if you’ve never heard of curcumin before…or if it took you a sec to pronounce it correctly (it’s cur-q-men by the way). You’re not alone, and we are psyched to introduce you to it. Because you definitely want to know the top curcumin benefits. Trust us.

Curcumin is part of an Indian spice you’ve probably heard of, turmeric, which is a type of ginger. It’s what gives the spice that gorgeous, vibrant yellow color. We’ll spare you on the crazy chemistry behind it – because there is a lot of it – and skip right to the good stuff: the benefits of curcumin. The list is pretty impressive.


Say Goodbye To Going Gray For Awhile

What 30-something gal wouldn’t kill to be carded at the next happy hour? Now that’s flattery at its finest! One of the top curcumin benefits is its proven ability to delay the aging process. Plus it’s way more wallet-friendly. We dare you to find a good face cream that’s more reasonably priced than a high-quality supplement.

You’ll Up Your IQ (Maybe!)

No promise it will make you smarter, but the benefits of curcumin seriously rock your brain. It can improve memory and has the potential to help you snap out of it when you’ve got a case of the blues. And down the road, it can help prevent strokes.

The Must-Have Anti-Inflammatory Of The Season

Curcumin benefits just about everyone as an anti-inflammatory. So it may be able to save you from things like GI (gastrointestinal) diseases. They have all sorts of icky side effects like diarrhea. And just in case the belly aches you get during that time of the month aren’t bad enough, GI diseases can tack on a few more for you. No thanks.

And that’s not all. One study found that it can help people with Type 2 Diabetes control blood sugar. That doesn’t mean it’s a free for all to pig out on your favorite sweets, but there is a possibility (if your doctor says it’s okay) you won’t need to stuff an insulin shot in that cute hobo bag. Gives you extra space for something more fun — like a few more lipsticks!

Your Heart Will Beat Stronger 

It’s crazy, but heart disease is the world’s biggest killer. We’re not trying to scare you, but good heart health is a hot commodity and (sorry to sound like your mom now!) is something to be taken very seriously. It’s never too early.  Studies have shown that the benefits of curcumin can include helping to reverse steps in the heart disease process. Added bonus: it can also be helpful for those who are already affected.

There’s another study that examined patients who were undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery. Those who took curcumin supplements days before and days following the procedure had a decreased risk of experiencing a heart attack in the hospital. A 65% percent decrease to be exact. This stuff is no joke.  

A Superhero Strong Immune System

Raise your hand if you look forward to cold and flu season. If you want to up your odds of not getting sick, add some curcumin into your diet. It possesses antiviral properties that can help with influenza prevention and infection. It can even reduce viral replication by over 90 percent! It’s no wonder this is one of the top curcumin benefits – especially in the colder months.

Out With The Bad, In With The Good..Cholesterol, That Is

If the doc said your cholesterol is too high, then you probably already know it’s time to start ditching things like butter and breakfast meats. But there’s a lot more you can do. It was demonstrated that curcumin supplementation can effectively lower the level of bad cholesterol, and increase the level of good cholesterol. You can decrease levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol by combining a supplement with tons of fresh fruit and veggies.

Getting Your Hands On Curcumin

Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of Indian food (it’s actually not even the best method for getting it anyway.) There are plenty of ways to add curcumin into your life.

  • Turmeric Capsules: it’s definitely fast and easy to take, but capsules of any kind often have all types of additives. And that totally defeats the purpose of improving your health. Not to mention it won’t stick around in your body for long.
  • Powdered Turmeric Root: this type of supplement is ground into a fine powder, like what you may have in your spice cabinet. Sounds easy enough, right? The problem is that it contains such a teeny amount of curcumin. So it’s great for flavor, but that’s really it.
  • Liposomal Curcumin: a liposomal version is encapsulated in a type of vesicle with an outer layer that improves the fat solubility of its ingredients. Say WHAT? That basically means it improves the absorption rate in your body significantly, which is the entire point of taking it in the first place.

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The downside to it all is that unless you’ve got a high-quality version like liposomal curcumin, you’re dealing with bioavailability, which means it’s difficult to absorb so you won’t enjoy the benefits nearly as much. Grab the right kind though, and things like this can happen.  

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